The Best and Worst Movies of the Summer of 2015

mad max 2015

Critics are particular and uppity about movies, but popularity does not hold the same quality of judgment. When going to the cinema, it is expected that the best quality of the film presents itself, and the storyline is captivating. That is not always the case, and there is no sure way to avoid the rotten ones but in the same breath, catching one that was smashed in the media and enjoying it is akin to discovering a treasure.

Mad Max – Maximizes

mad max 2015

There is little doubt who ran the summer of 2015. Mad Max blasted its competition. Many were fans of the original starring Mel Gibson. However, it found a new, younger audience. The millennials see the current dystopia measured in extremes in Mad Max while a woman shows ultimate strength. With the action, visuals, and storyline, Mad Max met the criteria for a blockbuster movie. The awards and accolades proved it or perhaps it was the billions worldwide it continues to rake in.

Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation – Tired Nation

A fifty-year tradition has run its course. Huge box office numbers mean nothing if the audience leaves disappointed. The franchise needs a reboot, as is standard practice these days, or it needs to find its end. As expected, a new Mission Impossible movie will be released every summer, it has fallen out of the blockbuster category and found its place in the expected. Even in story and action, there is no surprise to be had. The repetitive nature Mission Impossible survives because many find comfort in knowing the story. However, the story has not been original in years.

Ted 2 – Not Funny

Yes, people cracked up to the point of tears at the cinema during the first Ted. The humor is raunchy, juvenile, but relatable. The adult nature of the content made for a talking teddy bears a novelty. However, the second lacked the originality the first had captured. By trying to make social issues into an easier swallowed concept, Ted 2 failed at making its point or making people laugh. With hopefulness, McFarland understands when his humor has fallen short, and Ted 3 remains unmade.