Get a Master’s in Marketing Communications in Italy

Bologna Business School is located in Villa Guastavillani, Italy. Known as the oldest University in the western world, it combines the charm of centuries of age and development toward academic excellence and yet still remains on the cutting edge of new and modern innovation.

Students from all over the world travel to Bologna University to work on a Master’s in Marketing Communications Degree. BBS is a great international experience as well as an excellent academic experience. When working toward completion of a Masters in Marketing Communications, the course can be completed in twelve months. It is taught in English.

Getting a Master’s in Italy: the Program

This course is a project based learning experience combined with lectures and company projects that allow students to connect with the world of the digital era. The program finishes with an internship for the student at a company. Now more than ever, with the ever evolving drive of technology, communication is vital. With social media at an all time high, more people are communicating from all over the globe. Marketing and Communications go hand in hand with the enormous influx of internet and social media, which makes these classroom experiences much more meaningful.

bbs masters in italy

Benefits of studying in Italy

Working on a Masters in Italy allows a student to better understand people and cultures. Knowing how people in other cultures are gives one a better understanding and appreciation for people in general. In Italy one can develop and hone their language skills or develop new language skills. Students can develop new interests. When people study abroad, they must reach out and embrace the Italian host culture and this allows them to grow as a person. It is also a great life experience in that students are completely disconnected from everything they have known and now they are growing and developing in a new place.

When studying at Bologna University, not only do students get great instructors and great experiences in the classroom, they also get a different style of education than what they are used to. Different countries and cultures have different educational goals and techniques.

Bologna Business School prepares students to entry into the international world of business and marketing. Bologna University’s MBA Global programs help students face and navigate international business with the experience students need to be successful in this ever demanding and changing digital world we now live in.