Online Trading Platform in a Modern Economy

financika trading tools

State of the Art Online Trading

Online trading is allowing more access to the modern U.S. stock market for non traditional investors. Many online traders are new investors and have never invested in the market before or are reluctant to trust a traditional stock trader. Financika removes these fears maintained by new traders and provide them with a safe and easy to use platform to execute all of their trades.

Helpful Trading Tools

Financika provides detailed tools to enable a multitude of trades and development of investment strategies. The trading platform Financika provides research capabilities which will enable an investor to review the performance of any company that is traded on the stock exchanges. The trading platform also provides real time trading status and provides a historical database of the past performances of the market for companies as well as commodities. This research function also provides realtime updates and press releases on every company. An investor will be able to review the history of actions by the company as well as be apprised of current events and announcements.

Real Time Trading And Market Tracking with Financika

financika trading tools

Investors will be able to set alerts regarding the movement of stock prices for different companies. They will also be able to be alerted if select commodity prices such as gold or silver drop or rise to preselect levels determined by the investor. In addition all market reports and reactions are in realtime and enable the investor to make informed and accurate decisions.

Safety in Financial Transactions

Investors will be able to make safe and secure financial transactions with all of their trades. Funds can be transfered to the trade platform account from any authorized bank account. The investor will be able to see his or her daily balance prior to each trade. No trade is executed without the express authorization of the investor or the investor’s representatives who may have authorized access to the investors bank account.

Transfer of Stock Ownership Documentation

Once a stock is purchased through the Financika trade platform, verification of the trade is sent to the investor and all related stock ownership documentation is subsequently forwarded to the investor. The investor has full documentation of all of his or her transactions.
Use of the platform is assisted by the 24 hour customer service staff that is available to respond to any transaction questions or use of the trade platform.